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Focus: Develop strength, speed, endurance, and confidence.

Mission: Coach, train, and educate others about the integration of proper nutrition, the importance of massage therapy and therapeutic bodywork, and the necessity of daily fitness for life and competition while having FUN.

Goal: Coach and create adult, youth, and junior running and triathlon teams for recreational, college, elite, or pro competition.

Just for FUN
60 minutes/session Small Group Price $75.00/ea Min. 5 Individual $115.00 Required: 1-3x/week 9 weeks
8 Week Educational running program that promotes movement, strength, confidence, and speed through walking, running, and improving a 5k to half marathon distance. Includes a weekly informational session, motivation, and training tips.It’s encouraged but not required to be able to walk/run a minimum of 15 minute miles for 2 miles, for longer than 5k distance, be able to walk/run continuously for 45-60 min, and schedule a minimum of 3 hours a week of workout time. Discounts available on Massage Therapy, Running Shoes and Apparel.

Road to DOOR COUNTY 70.3!
1-2 hr/session Small Group Price $125/ea Min. 5 Individual $575
20+ week education triathlon program that ensures a successful finish and instills strength, confidence, and nutrition management through weight training, swimming (1.4mi), biking(56mi), running(13.1mi) and competing in your first or improving on the 70.3 triathlon distance. Prior to starting training, must be able to be comfortable swimming in a pool and willing to swim in a lake with and without a wetsuit, cycle 10 miles, and walk/run 4-6 miles comfortably. This program will use the computrainer for testing and general riding in small groups and individually.
Equipment required, swim suit, goggles, swim cap, wet suit (full length), Bicycle, Helmet, clip or clip-less bike shoes/pedals, running shoes and appropriate apparel. Suggested to be members of for discounts, additional training options and information.

Personal Event:
Have your own event in mind and need help with training, nutrition, or just putting it all together – Starting price $115/month (discounts available)

Metabolic Efficiency Testing, Evaluation, & Training – NOW AVAILABLE! – Starting price…$265.00

Youth & Junior Multisport Development and Training (6-17yrs) – view details here: the Fifth Element, Inc.

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