Wellness at Work

Wellness that Works!

Join forces with TriVigorate Massage, Nutrition & Coaching to enhance your company’s wellness program.

The goal is to take an integrative approach to create personal health and well-being that will work for your employess, every day in the work place.

Once to three times a month Elizabeth Bart from TriVigorate Massage, Nutrition & Coaching will be on site for a minimum of 3 hours to provide massage therapy along with nutrition and training education.

Participants will need to sign up in advanced to make the most of their time.

Chair Massage Therapy
The benefits of massage are both psychological and physical. Massage therapy and therapeutic bodywork has been proven to work with each system of the body and has been used to reduce pain and stress, alleviate depression and boost the immune system. It is also used to improve blood pressure, muscle tone, digestion and skin tone. Massage therapy and therapeutic bodywork is also used to improve range of motion and promote muscle and nerve stimulation.

It all begins with using real foods to nourish, fuel, and energize your body. Then improves the food choices that are being made to teach the body to use real food more efficiency, burn more fat, improve healing, reduce pain, and increase performance. Individual and group nutritional programs available, a few examples are:
• Metabolic Efficiency Education – Learn about Metabolic Syndrome and ways to improve health, burn more fat for longer periods of time, and general nutrition management.
• Clear Change™ — Metabolic detoxification through nutrition followed by a comprehensive body composition program
• FirstLine Therapy®—Lifestyle medicine program for improving training, racing and reversing chronic illness that are associated with metabolic syndrome.

The focus of training will be to help develop a plan that will provide strength, endurance, speed, and self-confidence in a walk, run, or triathlon program.
The coaching mission is to assist with successfully completing a training plan and to educate about the integration of proper nutrition, the importance of massage therapy, therapeutic bodywork, and the necessity of athletic training for daily life and competition while having FUN. Even consider a company 5k or 10k FUN walk & run. I’ll invite a few neighbor companies to join in on the FUN walk & run!

Call 262-332-0532 for Details – Restrictions Apply and Contract Required